Best python libraries

Best python libraries

1. Math

  • Very basic and slower
  • Adequate for basic mathematical operations like sum, exponential, modulus, etc.
  • Not useful when dealing with complex mathematical operations like multiplication of matrices

2. Numpy

  • Most widely used for carrying out mathematical operations that involve matrices
  • High calculations speed due to  its use of C-API

3. SciPy

  • Provides all the scientific tools for Python - various models for mathematical optimization, linear algebra, Fourier Transforms, etc.
  • The numpy module provides the basic data structure of array to the SciPy library

4. Statsmodel

  • Statistical computations that involve descriptive statistics, inference as well as estimation for the various statistical models
  • Efficient statistical exploration of data

5. Scikit-learn

  • Suitable for Machine Learning Mathematical aspect of Data Science
  • Facilitate easy classification, regression, and clustering techniques